It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me.  And I'm feeling GOOD! 
Healing is Possible.

A freak accident and two years of learning to walk again brought out the inner wise woman in me. 

A reformed journalist for whom Life abruptly offered a reboot, I had no choice but to laser focus on healing for 3 years.  I read 1000 pages a day to learn about healing the body from trauma and pain.  I emerged from that chrysalis with a renewed passion to learn and a drive to share the benefits of the natural world and the healing plants in it. 

I know from experience that herbs and living foods support the body's healing abilities.  The wisdom gleaned during this time was crucial to regaining my vitality after the pharmaceuticals damaged all reason and functioning ability.  There is a better way, and it does not come in a pill. 

During my process of healing, I learned to grow my own herbs and organic foods and make teas, salves and tinctures with them.  I replaced toxic chemicals in my house with natural things I could make myself.  Each thing I figured out, and the physical tasks involved in carrying it out was an accomplishment.  Over the course of a year, I changed something for the better each week.   My body adjusted.  I did not crave what I had eliminated, especially if it were replaced it with something I could make.  I continued to get better, one day at a time. 

Now, I craft herbal salves, teas, tinctures and body care items that support well being. 

I enjoy looking at my customers in the eye, love seeing their faces change as they notice an immediate difference that works.  After my own  journey back to health, it means so much to know that I have both a greater sense of compassion for others who are discovering the wisdom of herbs, and the ability to teach that there is a gentler way.   


"It's a new dawn,
it's a new day,
it's a new life for me.
And I'm feeling good!"
  1. Violets
  2. Rose Hips
    Rose Hips
  3. Foraging Harvest
    Foraging Harvest
  4. Lemon Balm
    Lemon Balm
  5. St. John's Wort hung to dry
    St. John's Wort hung to dry
  6. Nasturtiums
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